Why choose Exchange Outlook Pro email?

Exchange Outlook Pro email

Professional email remains one of the essential communication channels for companies. Despite the development of more flexible communication solutions such as instant messaging, discussion threads or even corporate forums, professional messaging remains very popular because it provides an official basis for responses from customers or partners. for example. For a good decade the number of professional email offers has increased, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Between Gmail, Hosted Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra or Exchange Online on Office 365, it’s not always easy to find the right professional email for your company…

As a professional mail host, Openhost offers you to discover all the advantages of Microsoft Exchange Outlook messaging!

Microsoft Exchange Outlook: modern business email

Mail Exchange Outlook Microsoft Microsoft Exchange has gradually become the most popular messaging solution in business. Designed from the outset as a professional email solution, Exchange Outlook allows you to benefit from a complete, high-availability email client. Once properly configured, Exchange offers high-performance business messaging suitable for all sizes of business. Our Hosted Exchange messaging clients range from SMEs with 20 employees to large groups with thousands of users spread over several countries. Indeed, Exchange 2016 server infrastructures are designed to support a strong increase in load if necessary while offering great configuration flexibility and many features to adapt to the organization.

Microsoft has been able to develop Exchange Server to overcome the shortcomings reported by its partners and provide new features (or remove them) which have improved the availability of messaging as well as the user experience on Outlook.


Exchange Outlook is a Microsoft product and it therefore fully integrates into the Microsoft ecosystem with the Windows OS which is still mainly used, office products such as Office 2016, etc. In recent years Microsoft has worked hard to demonstrate greater openness and has therefore widely opened up its possibilities for integration and compatibility. Now Exchange Outlook messaging can be integrated as easily on Mac as on Windows, as well as on Android, iOS, etc. Microsoft has also become one of the world’s leading contributors to the Open Source community! The American giant has indeed understood that a closed ecosystem could not be the future of the Cloud.

Microsoft Outlook Pro email Regarding the use of Exchange Outlook messaging, since its 2007 version Microsoft has continued to review and correct many functional elements. Many small features have therefore gradually enriched Outlook clients, such as warnings for users even before the message is sent (incorrect address, recipient is not available when it is a member of your company, problems on the list distribution, etc.).

In addition, many external modules that can be integrated into Outlook pro messaging will allow you to multiply the available functionalities. Thanks to the calendar service synchronized with all your contacts, you can for example use the “Find Time” module . Find Time allows you to set the best time slot to schedule a meeting with multiple users. Fixing a meeting with more than 3 people has always been a real chore because it is never easy to find a time slot where all the participants are available… Thanks to the Find Time module for Outlook Exchange, you will very easily find several time slots where all your collaborators are available !

To go even further in terms of functionalities, other possibilities are also possible thanks to the Exchange server: automatic archiving, protection against data loss, limitation of the sending of company files outside the organization, etc.

Microsoft Exchange Outlook and the competition: Gmail vs Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is an email server solution tailored for a professional environment. If it is true that the choice in terms of messaging solutions seems quite wide, on closer inspection we quickly realize that over time, it has been restricted… Indeed, the opening of Microsoft Exchange to other solutions (FindTime, Salesforce, etc.) and the strengthening of its interconnection with other Microsoft Office 365 products gives it a head start on the competition. Conversely, other messaging software such as Zimbra, IBM Lotus Notes, Orange or others have not managed to evolve sufficiently to meet user usage.

The only serious competitor on the list for Outlook pro is the Gmail email client, which has recently turned to the professional world. The integration of Gmail into Google’s professional suite (GSuite or GApps) allows it to compete with Exchange. However, for a long time aimed at the general public, Gmail has not yet been able to prove itself in the professional environment. A few big examples of corporate integration attempts that have gone wrong in recent years have slowed its progress. The fact that Google is not as well received in certain international areas (China for example) has also played against it. Google’s suite must also prove itself in terms of security and data protection. This is obviously a very sensitive point for the professional environment.

Integrate your Exchange email into your production environment

Exchange Outlook email competitors have gradually fallen behind over the years as Microsoft has advanced its business solutions. Unlike other business messaging, Exchange is fully integrated into the Microsoft environment and therefore allows you to take advantage of all the features and possibilities in business. The majority of companies use the famous Microsoft Office 365 collaboration suite as well as workstations under Windows for obvious reasons of compatibility, management and protection of information.

To take full advantage of the possibilities of your software and services, it is necessary to have products that can fully communicate with each other. By using Exchange messaging, you will be able to benefit from interconnections with the entire Office 365 environment: Skype for Business integration to chat and manage your meetings, SharePoint or OneDrive for resource sharing, OneNote, Planner, etc. Your Mail Exchange allows you to be even more productive by allowing you to use the right service for the right action without being lost between all these platforms!

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