Free tools to send large files over the internet

Free tools to send large files over the internet

Here are 12 that we hve selected: you are spoiled for choice to send your attachments too heavy.

Launched in February 2019 by the Swiss host Infomaniak, SwissTransfer is currently the best free transfer solution. Entirely hosted and developed in Switzerland, SwissTransfer allows you to send up to 50 GB of data and offers all the options you might need: customizable validity period of up to 30 days, password protection and sending by e-mail or by link.

Smash is a very good solution since it is totally free, without weight limit and devoid of commercial advertisements.

Send Anywhere allows the sending of large files up to 4 GB (with 7 days of validity).

Small originality of the tool: it is possible to send a link in the form of a QR Code to facilitate the download on mobile.

GrosFichiers allows, as its name suggests, to transfer large files (4 GB maximum) for free and simply.

You can personalize your message and send up to 30 emails at a time.

Let’s take a detour through the world of free (and French) software with Framadrop , which allows you to share files in complete confidentiality (the maximum volume is not specified).

The expiration time is customizable (24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or 60 days).

Share links have  no weight limit and can be used for as long as you want. MeeroDrop streamlines exchanges and project management by allowing all stakeholders to preview content before downloading it, add files continuously and collaborater

Send is a service developed by the Mozilla Foundation, creator of the famous Firefox browser.

Totally free, it allows you to upload files up to 1 GB. These are deleted after 24 hours or after a number of downloads that you can define.

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