Email pro: Which professional email solution to choose?

Email pro

To represent your company in a serious way, a professional email address is essential. There are still too many companies that do not benefit from a professional mailbox with an address such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail… The first impression is key, to avoid shaking the confidence of your future customers, we present you the solutions of pro messaging available from €2/month. Find out how to choose your future business messaging solution!

Professional messaging is very easily accessible today, even for a company that is only just starting out. Our Exchange messaging solution offers you all the features you need for efficient and secure management of your emails.

Professional messaging with alias for professional email

The domain name included in our offers therefore allows you to associate a brand image with an essential collaboration tool for your company. Your Exchange mailbox can contain as many accounts as needed for all your teams. You can thus create mailboxes for each employee ( [email protected] ) and by department ( [email protected] ) according to your needs.

Professional email aliases

Your professional email address consists of your domain name (generally the same as your professional website) and a suffix which determines the designated account For example for the address [email protected] , the alias is “comptabilite” . You can have as many aliases as you want and several aliases can designate the same Exchange mailbox.

business email alias example

Let’s take for example the case where one of your teams has a common email account where the emails of the collaborators arrive, for example [email protected] . A single alias therefore forwards all emails to multiple email accounts.

You can also decide to have an alias for a certain employee, as part of the email address [email protected] , you can attach the alias to the Exchange messaging system of [email protected] who is the accountant of society, for example.

Openhost offers you an unlimited number of email aliases. You will therefore be able to create as many service names as you wish without having to manage too many email addresses.

The different business email offers

Beyond the price, to compare several professional messaging offers, it is necessary to take into account multiple criteria: functionalities, security, server infrastructure (level of availability) and customer services.

Exchange 2016 Classic: The cheapest messaging offer on the market!

pro email Outlook Exchange for business emailThis Exchange Classic offer gives you access to low-cost professional messaging offering the basic functionalities of an email client. On your email addresses, you can automatically redirect your emails to unlimited aliases. Each mailbox has 10GB of storage space for emails. An archiving mailbox with additional space can also be attached if necessary. Regarding email attachments, the maximum size is 10 MB for sending from the mailbox, beyond that some online services allow you to exchange your larger attached files.

This business messaging solution is compatible with your Outlook application, the famous Microsoft messaging software as well as other Exchange compatible messaging clients. Consulting your Exchange emails on a smartphone (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone) is also possible thanks to Outlook Web Access OWA webmail.

The Exchange Classic offer is available for €2 excl. VAT/month/user, the cheapest offer on the market for such a level of service!

microsoft outlook business email collaborationThis second Outlook Exchange professional messaging solution offers you a wider range of collaborative features. For some organizations such an offer is necessary given the key importance of communication by email. The personalization of your corporate email is possible with the establishment of a specific domain name and the link to your website if necessary. Exchange Silver will allow you to access the management of contacts, calendars and documents in just a few manipulations. The integrated synchronization of all your email data will allow you to be able to fully access your email even on the go.

On the storage side, there is 50GB for all your professional files and emails. Attachments are limited to 50MB but an Opendrop online service is provided to you so that you can securely distribute all your documents without limit. Items deleted from your trash will be saved for 14 days before being permanently deleted.

Thanks to Exchange 2016 Gold messaging, you will have access to all possible services: VoIP communication with Skype for Business, synchronization of up to 5 devices per user, organization of meetings automatically, online availability of meeting rooms, file sharing with SharePoint, multi-domain management, etc…

You will therefore be able to work efficiently while collaborating easily with your colleagues by sharing your calendars, your file folders or even assigning tasks directly from Outlook.

Exchange 2016 Gold is available for €8/month/user, a high-performance and collaborative business messaging service!

Protecting your business email data

Exchange 2016 email offers many security features to protect your business data. The DLP Exchange (Data Leak Protection or Data Loss Protection) functionality will allow you to define critical information that must not leave the company. The DLP system on messaging will warn the user as soon as he attempts to transmit a certain type of information (bank codes, confidential annotated documents, etc.) and may even prevent him from sending this message depending on the settings in place. A notification to the administrator may also be sent.

Anti-spam & Backup for your professional emails

An anti-spam and anti-virus system is implemented on all mail servers to block spam and other malware. A summary of blocked emails will be sent to you periodically (daily or weekly to be defined) and will allow you to block or authorize a sender. The email protocols used can be POP,

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