Where to buy or sell Instagram accounts?

sell Instagram accounts

Visibility is a key factor for success in the digital age. It allows entrepreneurs to make money and outperform the competition. For this, buying or selling Instagram accounts quickly presents itself as one of the best solutions. There are several platforms and services that allow you to buy or sell Instagram accounts. However, if it was so simple and easy to do, everyone would have done it by now.

Several criteria are taken into account in the process of buying or selling Instagram accounts. Is it really necessary to buy Instagram accounts? Under the law, is it legal to sell Instagram accounts?

Selling Instagram accounts – why buy an Instagram account

If you’re looking to become an Instagram celebrity or want to promote a product, it quickly becomes tempting to look to buy your first thousand followers. Today for less than ten euros you can easily buy 1000 subscribers.

However, the problem is that you are only buying numbers that don’t mean much. You will probably never get any likes or comments from these accounts. You’ll end up with a ton of fake subscribers that won’t bring you leads. Moreover, they will destroy your credibility with your real followers. Fake followers reduce your engagement rate and your organic (natural) reach. It is therefore a bad strategy in the long term .

If your goal is only to have a subscriber counter that shows a big number, these services may be useful to you. On the other hand, you must imperatively move away from fake subscribers if your objective is to:

An alternative to the fake followers trickery is buying Instagram accounts with real followers. Instagram’s algorithm now prioritizes the engagement rate over the number of followers. So, in addition to having real subscribers, they will be engaged with your publications. This will facilitate your sales and increase your income.

Indeed, in these cases, we do not have the time necessary to create or promote a new page. And finding an influencer can take time there too, especially if you are nestled.

To buy or sell Instagram accounts, you have two options. You can do this directly with the owner of the account concerned or go through certain marketplaces which act as intermediaries.

Verify it’s a genuine account with real followers

Make sure the person you’re chatting with exists and is actually the owner of the account you want to buy. Ask her to send you private messages from the account she would like to sell you. Then you need to check if the account followers are real people.

If none of the people who liked the account’s posts are following the account in question, then chances are that the account has purchased followers and they are not real people. Take a look in the publications and especially in the comments. You will have no great difficulty in detecting fake accounts. There are also online tools that allow you to do some quick checks before buying Instagram accounts.

Check that the niche of the account really corresponds to your needs

After verifying the authenticity of the account you want to buy, now you need to make sure that the followers of the account really correspond to your target. There is no point in buying Instagram accounts at 50K or even 100K subscribers if these people are not interested in your product. Having an account nested in the restoration is totally useless if you sell climbing equipment for example.

If you want to buy Instagram accounts, make sure they can earn you money in return. Do not hesitate to invest a few euros in online analysis tools before buying Instagram accounts. This makes it possible to be sure of the reliability of the accounts.

Agreements on terms and details of purchase

Now you are sure of the authenticity of the account and you have determined if the niche is suitable for your needs, you must take the next step. This concerns the purchase of the account. Here it is necessary to be vigilant when acquiring information relating to access to the account.

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