Custom Software Development

Software development concept

In the world of IT development companies, one step appears to be essential, even vital: that of software development. In order to promote your business, a solution is then offered to you, that of developing tailor-made software. Here, we will see what software is, what custom software is used for, how it works, or even the price of software.

What is Software Development?

It is difficult to give a clear and precise definition of software development. Indeed, the latter includes a very large number of fields, all different. Software development can range from the transformation, development, study, design, improvement and maintenance of everything related to computer software.

Software development is carried out by people whose job it is. These people are what we call software developers, or software development engineers. This job is accessible through a large number of training courses. Most of these courses are spread over a period of two or three years after the baccalaureate. Software development engineers are most of the time trained in engineering schools, or in universities thanks to specialized university training in this field, allowing them to obtain a Master’s degree.

Why promote the development of custom software?

It is possible for a company, thanks to the help of a specialized and professional person, to develop software that is called tailor-made, that is to say, specially adapted to its characteristics and its objectives. In addition, the development of custom software brings many benefits that are not negligible for the owner of an IT company.

First, the development of custom software allows the company to benefit from an improvement in its productivity. The software, when it is developed to measure, makes it possible to meet all the specific needs of the company, and its own requirements. As a result, the tailor-made software will be able to bring together all the functionalities that are necessary for the operation of the company, something that will logically make it possible to improve and optimize business processes. Made-to-measure also guarantees the absence of anything superfluous. The superposition of all these elements will therefore lead to an increase in the company’s productivity.

The development of tailor-made software within a company also facilitates the creation of collaborative spaces, installing, whether between the different partners, employees and even customers, communication facilities.

Second very interesting point of improvement for companies opting for the creation of tailor-made software, the possibility of scalability and responsiveness. The digital world is a world in constant evolution and constant innovation. This reflects a need on the part of business tools to be compatible with this evolution, and therefore to be easily modified or improved. This is where the development of custom software is an asset. The latter, not belonging to a fixed and untouchable model,

Third point for which the development of custom software is advantageous is that it allows the company that owns it to save money. So it may seem suspicious at first, but it is the truth. Initially, when investing to own software, paying for custom software will be more expensive than paying for ready-to-use software. This point seems logical. However, in the long term, the development of tailor-made software then appears to be more advantageous than the development of software that is already ready for use. Indeed,

The last advantage of custom software is that it is a secure solution. Indeed, personalized business applications have the particularity of being more secure than others, and therefore, of better protecting companies against external threats and allowing better data security.

What are the different stages of software development?

1st step

Define the needs of the business. This step is an essential and complex step, which requires several types of skills. These are human-type skills, technical but also methodical, all very varied, and the presence of rigor but also creativity.

2nd stage

An internal project manager must be chosen. He will ensure that the conditions for the success of the project are optimal and met, but will also ensure that the objectives set beforehand are achieved.

3rd stage

It is necessary to carry out the realization of the specifications. The specifications will define all the needs of the project, as well as the expected results,

4th step

The 4th step is to launch a call for tenders. The latter allows you to find the best service provider in order to create your tailor-made software.

You have two options for launching a call for tenders

In order to make a choice in an easy and organized way, it is advisable to create a comparison table. Rank the proposals according to your desires, your requirements, and the way in which each responds to them.

6th step

Then choose a software development agency. The latter will support and advise you in the creation of your project. Rely on his reputation and his previous collaborations. This choice is decisive, because this agency will be your guide for the rest.

7th stage

This step corresponds to the validation of the development steps. This means that it is at this time that all the members of the team will ensure that the 7 previous steps have been carried out perfectly and in the interest of the project.

8th stage

The time has come for the delivery of the software by the chosen agency. It is important for the smooth running of the project and the collaboration that the software be delivered on the date specified during the design of the specifications, and without disappointment.

9th step

Step 9 is all about testing and debugging requests. This makes it possible to detect bugs and various problems with the delivered software. This step is often planned from the design of the site. Often,

10th step

The 10th and last step corresponds to the acceptance of the delivery. Once the delivery has been made and the test phases have been passed and completed, the parameters having been checked and adjusted,

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