ActivTrak vs. HiveDesk: A Comprehensive Comparison of Employee Monitoring Tools

ActivTrak vs. HiveDesk

As businesses strive for improved productivity and efficient workforce management, employee monitoring software tools have become increasingly popular. In this article, we will conduct a head-to-head comparison of ActivTrak and HiveDesk, two powerful solutions that help gauge the productivity of both in-house and remote teams. We will also introduce an alternative software that addresses some limitations of both platforms and can significantly boost employee productivity.

ActivTrak vs. HiveDesk: A Quick Overview

Before delving into the detailed comparison, let’s have a brief summary of the key features offered by ActivTrak and HiveDesk.

Time Tracking:

  • ActivTrak: It is automatic time monitoring app that silently recording mouse and keyboard activity in the background.
  • HiveDesk: Offers interactive time capture for individual tasks and projects.

Productivity Management:

  • ActivTrak: Utilizes features like daily staff pulse, screen capture, website blocking, and custom alarms to manage productivity.
  • HiveDesk: Offers activity monitoring, screenshots, and automatic inactivity checkout to enhance productivity.

Project Management:

  • ActivTrak: Lacks dedicated project management features.
  • HiveDesk: Includes project tracking, task monitoring, and hourly rate calculation to manage projects efficiently.


  • ActivTrak: Allows setting up monitored work schedules for employees.
  • HiveDesk: Lacks a dedicated scheduling feature but enables task and project assignment with due dates.

Attendance Tracking:

  • ActivTrak: Does not include attendance tracking functionality.
  • HiveDesk: Tracks attendance through various comprehensive features.


  • ActivTrak: Provides reports on time usage, web and app utilization, and security data.
  • HiveDesk: Offers detailed reports on employee activity, charts, and screenshot insights.


  • ActivTrak: Integrates with around 20+ tools, including payroll software and project management platforms.
  • HiveDesk: Integrates with Asana.


  • HiveDesk: Provides a 14-day free trial, with paid plans starting at $25 per month for five users.

A Deep Dive into ActivTrak and HiveDesk Features


ActivTrak is a comprehensive employee monitoring software designed to assess the performance of both on-premise and remote workers. Its automatic time tracking feature records mouse and keyboard activity silently in the background, providing a detailed view of staff operations. The intuitive dashboard offers interactive views of staff activities, allowing you to understand their productivity and identify time spent using essential work tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. ActivTrak also features screen captures, website blocking, custom alarms, and activity logs to manage distractions and improve productivity.


 HiveDesk is a workforce management tool that helps managers assess employee performance and project progress. The platform supports both Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. HiveDesk’s interactive time tracking function allows staff members to record their time on specific tasks or projects using time cards and timesheets. It also provides comprehensive reports, charts, and screenshot insights to give businesses a clear understanding of staff productivity and work patterns.


When choosing the right employee software for monitoring employees productiveness, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and the features that will best support your productivity goals. ActivTrak and HiveDesk both offer valuable solutions, but each may have certain limitations. 

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